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This the promotional single for my upcoming album "Love, Death and Mexico"

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Singer/songwriter Melissa Engleman blends haunting alt-country-folk with whispers of the blues. Born in Kansas and raised in Texas, she grew up listening to Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Peggy Lee, Tori Amos and the Beatles.  After writing melodies and lyrics from a young age, she picked up guitar to accompany herself, but was too shy to play in front of people. She studied performance and playwriting in college to help overcome her shyness and made the move to Austin, TX.  In 2010 she released "At the Hotel Cafe", a live recording of her set during a songwriter showcase in Los Angeles, CA. Recently selected in an ongoing talent search by Plaid Dog Recording in Boston, MA the studio assisted her in running, organizing and successfully funding her first crowdfunding campaign for her debut studio album "Love, Death and Mexico". 

Some kind words for "Waiting for You" from Daily Austin Music! 

Featured tracks by Melissa Engleman
Melissa Engleman
Waiting For You
Rub Me Raw (Live)
Hardest Thing to Lose (Demo)
Sailing (Demo)
Daily Austin Music Review of Waiting For You
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